Getting Comfortable With Your Dominant Eye. ~ Dominic Esposito

[Some very interesting information at the 2:26 mark!]


We want to talk about an area you might have overlooked when you’re working hard to build up your playing skills. Please consider the benefits of The PRO ENGLISH TRAINER for the positive results it produces.:

1. Developing your center ball alignment accuracy.

2. Applying up to three perfect tips of English in any direction with pin-point accuracy.

3. Mastering the degree of reflection required for your pool playing shaft.

4. Discover, develop, correct, and train your dominant eye vision when aiming.

5. The P.E.T. causes you to stay down on your shots — stopping unwanted jumping up.

6. Perfect your shooting stroke follow-through for greater cue ball action.

We’ve heard from many of the thousands of players who have used The P.E.T. to train, with much success in any number of these six areas stated.

We hope you would consider doing the same today.

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