Gospel Trick Shot #5 “WALLS”: History, Set-Up, Diagram, and *** VIDEO

History of the Trick Shot: In 1983 in Tupelo, Mississippi at a pro 9-Ball event, Minnesota Fats did this shot five times missing the first four in his special trick shot show. Each time he missed he told a better story to the delight of the crowd. Earlier that day he had invited me to do the show with him to be his caddy. I got to witness first hand not only the shot but the art of telling stories during a trick shot show!  Click here to see the shot Walls

GTS Name and Why: I never forgot that night with Fats. Years later I would name the shot “Walls” because it looked like a wall as I related it to matters of the heart. We build walls with people when we get angry, don’t forgive, are jealous, or lack self-control. This shot became a GTS favorite as stories about my own walls revealed the need to take down the walls and have healthy relationships with people.

Scripture References in NIV Translation: Proverbs 27:4, 15:18, 27:4, 3:31, 14:30 and James 1:19, 20.

Cue Ball Placement: Place cue ball as shown but its position can be adjusted forward or backward slightly.