Greg Hogue. ~ Missy Moran Capestrain

When asked where he wanted to be in ten years, Greg Hogue chuckled then said “Hopefully still above ground.”

At 38, this divorced father of three (two daughters and a black pit bull named Max, none of whom play pool) has many great accomplishments in the pool and billiard world. His first experience with pool was when his granddad Frank, or “Pops,” put him on a milk carton to play at Self’s Coney Island at the tender age of five. He then ran six balls, which was greater than his age in years!

Little did he know, and surely nobody could have predicted, that there was more to come. Much more. At 14 and 15 years of age Greg had back-to-back 1st place wins at the Oklahoma State Junior National Tournaments held at The Billiard Palace, a well-known pool hotspot which has hosted many Junior Pool Tournaments.

When he was 15, too, he played Willie Mosconi in a nine 9-Ball challenge match (also at the Billiard Palace,) race to 5. He won. Yes, the Willie Mosconi. There only is one. Though “no Efren Reyes, [he is] as capable as anybody walking.” Winning against Mosconi demonstrated just that capability. It really was a huge accomplishment!

Greg’s mother plays a bit of pool. Moreover, she owns and operates Tulsa Billiard Association Pool Leagues. Not only were his mother and granddad instrumental in helping to form his love of pool, Greg also credits several local male players who took him under  their wings and helped with instruction. Marc Coats, Randy Jones, Roger Estel, Mike Bets, and Jim McDermott to name a few.

Much time was spent in the room with these men, and that is where Greg perfected “sound fundamentals” as well as his niche in the local and national pool worlds. It would be remiss not to credit his girlfriend, Debra, as he receives continued support from her.

Greg owns a Brunswick eight foot, Century pool table (covered, of course, in tournament blue.) His cue stick of choice is a Farris, made by a local custom cue maker of the same name. Not one particular game is his favorite as he loves “everything from 9 Ball to Billiards,” and is adept in all.