Heather Kurtz and Pool Passion. ~Hannah Blue {Interview}

Heather Kurtz got her introduction to pool in Levittown NY when she was a teenager.

While hanging around a local pool hall with her friends she fell in love with the game, and soon got a part time job there. She spent hours watching the regulars play, and got tips from the old-timers.

She has played in the presence of many pros, but one whom she would love to meet is world champion Allison Fisher. Fisher is someone Heather greatly admires, and she would love to have the opportunity to pick her brain. Another player she admires is John Schmidt—Heather has actually met him many times but hasn’t gotten to play a game with him yet.

Some of Heather’s fondest memories of pool are from her years working the Straight Pool Challenge at the Super Billiards Expo in PA and NJ. Having the opportunity to watch different players shoot 19 hours a day while trying to qualify for the championship competition at the end of the expo was incredibly inspiring and amazing.

Heather’s favorite hall to play at is Raxx Pool Room, in West Hempstead NY. One of Heather’s proudest moments in the game was her first year in the Raxx straight pool league, when she placed first out of 16 guys.

At her peak she was playing, ideally, every day or every other day for at least three hours at a time.

“Some people say playing pool is like riding a bike, but I don’t agree with that at all; personally, if I take time away from the table it’s not so easy to get back into the swing of it.”

Like many players with a true love and respect for the game, Heather thinks the main thing pool needs is exposure.