How It’s Made. ~Kim Walker {Part 2}

Here is the second installment of the How It’s Made series on pool cues. Part one can be found here.

In this section we are going to mount the round pieces of curly maple on dowels. The forearm section will be mounted on the permanent ¾ inch dowel that will be the backbone of the cue. This will insure that the butt never warps, and will give the cue a consistent “hit” like all the cues I build.

The butt sleeve will be temporally mounted on a “sacrificial” dowel so we can turn it on the lathe. The forearm is glued to the 30 inch long dowel using Gorilla Glue. It foams and expands about four times it’s original size and fills any small voids. This does not mean that there is foam inside the cue. It only foams where it escapes the glue joint.  The butt sleeve is glued on the short dowel with three dots of super glue (CA) on each end.

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