How To Improve Your Break Shot. ~ Allan Sand

If you are getting inconsistent results in your break, you have an inconsistent stroke.

The key to developing a good break shot is to reduce the number of variables. Here are some tips to apply:

  1. Do not move the cue ball to different places each time you set up for a break shot. This is no way to determine which position is consistently good.

  2. Move your stick hand back to the butt—closer to the end.

  3. Spread your feet a little wider. This is necessary to stabilize your stance.

  4. Stand a little straighter over the cue stick. This places your head a little higher to allow room for a strong stroke.

  5. Line up the shot and only then look at the cue ball. On the practice strokes, make sure that the tip touches the cue ball a little below center.

  6. Lengthen your bridge by about one-third. If you normally use an 8 to 10 inch bridge, make it a 13-16 inch bridge.

  7. On your practice strokes, place the tip near the cue ball. When moving the stick backwards, move the tip so that it is very close to your bridge hand. You want to practice this longer stroke and, if you don’t get it right, you just look silly.

  8. Do not jerk the stroke. Accelerate your stroke—quickly. Push through the ball as far forward as you can.