How to Work Out of a Slump By Emily Duddy

Recently a social media post caught my attention. A pool player asked how to get out of a slump, something almost everyone can relate to! This is probably even more relevant during the insane year that is (& fortunately soon to be that was) 2020, with all of it’s sickness, lockdowns, unemployment, injustices, politics, etc. No matter if you’re normally very enthusiastic & motivated, the heaviness of the times is sure to weigh on you. Whether it is connected to sport performance, health, work, relationships, family or any aspect of life, slumps are very normal to experience & almost always discouraging. I’ve worked through many slumps in my career & life, let’s talk about some things you can try to get back on track.

Expectations & Self Limiting Beliefs

Oftentimes we take ourselves too seriously and create too much pressure to perform well. Society, our family, friends, occupations & our brains can create many ideals that are not the best for us or set in stone. As a daughter of a very competitive veteran father I

know this too well. On one hand I’m grateful for my strong level of discipline & desire for excellence, on the other I can be too self critical & struggle with not feeling good enough. I work to find harmony between my emotions & it’s a juggling act every day. I challenge you to self reflect on your expectations and where they come from. What purpose do they serve? Are they realistic? Are they part of your childhood or past identity? Sometimes slumps can originate when we feel stuck between what