In All Things, Be Composed. ~ Tim “The Monk” Miller

Once you master composure, your actions take on a different tone. In your daily life you will walk strong. Composure is not how you act, it is who you are.

People often talk about how a composed person is strong in all situations. Let it be said that you can’t act composed, you have to be composed and that takes practice.

In the game of nine ball, let’s look at a player who is not composed.

He says things like, “Man I hit that ball so good,” when he missed by two inches. “Did you see that ball slide?” when he delivered a force follow stroke and did not adjust to it. “That happens to me every time. The ball rolls off. How do you play on a table like this?” or “My opponent is always lucky. When he misses a shot, he leaves me nothing.” It does not occur to him that any kind of missed shot is an opportunity for him.

Composure allows you to control the game. Those who lack composure are letting the conditions become bigger than him. They are not competing; the conditions are in control of everything. He has given over control to the elements of the game.

“I always get hooked on shots like that.” Players who lack composure like to use the word “always;” “Why does this always happen to me?”

When you tell your brain you always get bad rolls your brain will work hard to make sure that you get bad rolls. “I am so unlucky” will get the brain to work on you being unlucky.

“On my table the cue ball doesn’t deflect near as much as this table…” Whatever the deflection is on any table, a composed person will adjust. He will not make excuses.