INTERVIEW: Tyler Styer

This 25-year-old Wisconsin boy is truly an inspiration as a person and as a player. The qualities he possesses so naturally are very much rare in the world today. His genuine love for the game and the fire inside of him to never give up and work hard is no doubt why he is where he is today.

How it all began

It all began for me at 12 years old when my mother and father gave me 2 of Robert Byrnes VHS Tapes and that is how I learned the physics of the game. From then on, it was on! When you are young, you are fearless, aggressive, and carefree. The reality is that the older you get, the responsibilities that come and the battles everyone will face in life can easily make you forget what is possible. However, you have to want it bad enough and you do whatever it takes to make your dreams a reality because you can.

What you leave behind in thi