Interview with Florian Kohler(Venom) ~ by Brian Pauley

When people think of trick shot artists, a few names come to mind. Mike Massey and Tom Rossman are names that people immediately think of. Now, you can add the name Florian Kohler to those names that players automatically think of when you talk about trick shot artists.

You are the most in demand trick shot performer. How crazy is your travel schedule? My travel schedule is absolute madness usually. I took 115 flights last year for example, fun at start but traveling definitely gets old after a while! You are known for having models on the table. How did you come to do that?

You use your home table for most of your videos and you masse a lot. How often do you change the felt on your home table? Depends a lot on how much I am home but I would say 3 to 6 months in general. I do love slick felt so after it gets too old I usually will change it anyway.

The bigger videos you do are very well made. Can you give us an idea on how long those take to film and do you have to change the felt during shooting?

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