It’s All in the Wrist: Jumping. ~ Jacqueline Karol

As a pool instructor the topic of jumping almost always comes up.

For some students it’s the appeal of the trick shot while others simply want to know why many pool halls and bars prohibit jumping. This article attempts to address some common questions I get from students on this topic.

What is jumping?

Jumping just means elevating the ball over another ball. It’s an alternative to kicking or masse.

Why jump?

As with any shot in pool, there are risks and benefits. In the case of jumping, its low probability should make it a last resort. If there is a better option, use it. When deciding on the jump shot ask yourself: Is there enough landing area so I’m not risking the ball flying off the table? Is there a kick option available? Could a masse shot work here?

Why do some bars and pool halls prohibit jumping?

The main reason you see signs in poolrooms about jumping is that most casual players don’t do it correctly. Uninformed players will scoop the ball or attempt to hit the ball lower, striking it on the ferrule and not the tip.

Will I tear the cloth?

It’s almost impossible if you do it legally. How