It's Mosconi Cup Time 2020 By Emily Duddy

What is the Mosconi Cup?

For pool fans the end of the year brings one of our most famous & anticipated events, the Mosconi Cup. Similar to the Ryder Cup of golf, the competition consists of 2 Teams, EUROPE VS USA baby! Each team has 5 male players, a captain & a co-captain. The trophy is named after the late American player Willie Mosconi. It was created in 1994 by SkySports & Matchroom Sport as an exciting event to increase public popularity of pool in the United Kingdom. Considering snooker has always been the dominant cue sport in the UK, this was a worthy endeavor that has become a tremendous success. One of the most remarkable factors of the Mosconi Cup is how large the exuberant crowds have become, packing huge arenas in the UK & Las Vegas, Nevada.

The event is streamed live around the world & continues to grow more popular each year. This shows that pool has a real chance of achieving a higher level of mainstream success. As a life-long pool fanatic & professional player I have religiously followed the event for 10 years & was able to attend in person in Las Vegas 2017 & in London 2018. I can say without a doubt, it is the greatest pool event in the world & I consider it a bucket list item if you love pool. I was in awe of the crazy energy in the room during the whole event! It is fueled by an appreciation of excellence, blinding patriotism, competitive upsets & copious amounts of alcohol. Bottom line... it’s a giant party with the best pool players in the world at the epicenter!