It’s Time To Start Winning: Beliefs ~ by Simon Capon

Sam first played pool five years ago at the age of twelve. She fell in love with the game for many reasons but her natural ability allowed her to improve at an alarming rate. Very soon she was the center of attention. One of the local coaches heard about her progress and observed her obvious talent. He was so impressed; he offered his coaching services for free. This was an incredible opportunity; the coach was responsible for a number of young players who had risen from club amateur to the professional ranks. Sam quickly built a strong partnership with her mentor and appreciated his depth of knowledge and experience. It was soon apparent that Sam was becoming one of the best players in the county and her mentor decided it was time for her to compete at a higher level. This was extremely exciting and Sam relished the thought of playing and beating some very well-established players. As the day of the competition grew closer Sam’s form became inconsistent. This was a concern for her coach but he kept his emotions under control.