J. Pechauer Breaking Cue. ~Bradley Thuringer {Review}

There seems to be a great debate in pool today with regard to the use of specialty cues for specialty shots. There are those amongst us who may not see a need to carry a separate stick for a jump or a break shot. The argument might be that Earl Strickland does not advocate the short jump stick, or that Shane Van Boening does not need a separate break cue. Those people would be correct—if you are the best in the world you will have a likelihood of winning even when placing yourself at a disadvantage.

For those of us who struggle to get in the money, grinding nightly at home or out for the night, it can sometimes be beneficial to learn and use the latest in pool technology. Things like the low deflection shaft, the short jump cue, and the layered and phenolic tip have found their place in many of our bags and our games. For each person at my weekly league that has a trusted old full splice that they rely on to aid their game, there is someone with a shiny new shaft with a logo displayed like the insignia on a super hero’s chest.

Likewise, having a special cue for the break allows a player to take advantage of many tricks of physics and of personal feel that, at best, are likely to improve their breaking results and, at worst, are unlikely to hurt their break.

When you ask yourself why you may want to have a separate stick for your break, we can start the examination where the cue meets the cue ball—at the chalk. I like to use a different chalk for my break. I will often use Blue Diamond or Predator chalk for my normal game stroke, but for my break I like something grittier. I keep some silver cup around just for this purpose, and would hate for that chalk to become mixed on the tip of my playing cue.

Next, the playing cue and the break cue have different tips in my case. The cue that I shoot with has a soft layered tip that would quickly deform if I were to repeatedly hit it with the hard stroke that I use to break. The J. Pechauer breaker does not have a phenolic tip on it, but it does have a tip with a phenolic core, made by Tiger; this tip is much harder than the one that I would use If I was intending for cue ball position and english to take precedence over power and angle.

My break stick has a wider taper that gi