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Jacoby Black Review ~ by Garret Troop

Jacoby Black Review

A lot of people say that there are Carbon fiber shafts that feel more like a maple and to this I say. “If you want a maple shaft then buy one.” These shafts and this technology is something that is on the newer side in this industry and people are going crazy over it.  I tried a few different pins and find that they all play a little different. I personally prefer the radial and 3/8X10. Ultimately you want to feel every shot and these shafts give you a good amount of feed back into your stroke. On the deflection side they are a little more the Revo. I would put that at the top and this a very close second.

These shafts and the trend of the industry is to go with a stiffer shaft and super light. They come standard with a Kamui Clear tan tip that is a Soft. Most carbon fiber shafts tend to have a soft tip because they are a stiffer hit and that absorbs a little of the shock and gives a little more feel the shaft. They range in the 3.5oz range. These shafts are incredibly accurate and you will need a little adjustment period when getting used to them. This shaft takes less time to get used to than other Carbon fiber shafts on the market. I would definitely agree the Revo definitely plays differently & takes more adjustment coming from a wooden shaft. I feel that I can get an incredible amount of english with this shaft and feel comfortable doing so with confidence that the squirt is minimal. This shaft can take a beating and it seems that it always comes back for more.

This shaft is a game changer and if you want to keep up with the changes in the sport than you need this shaft. I know that they are going to be releasing more shaft diameters, lengths and also also shafts for break cues and playing cues. I have yet to hear of any companies that are having their carbon fiber shafts that will be used as a jump cue shaft.

As this technology progresses I would like to see a few things change. I would love to see matching ring work for cues custom and I only know of one company that is currently doing that and that is Meucci.

These are the pins offered and joint diameter. 3/8×10 Joint Diameter 0.855 5/16×14 Joint Diameter 0.835 5/16×18 Joint Diameter 0.840 Uniloc Joint Diameter 0.841 Radial Joint Diameter 0.847 Price:$475.00

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