Jacoby Cues: A Love Story. ~ Sharon Jacoby

Updated: Apr 12

My husband once said that he fell in love with me because being with me made him want to be a better person.

I strongly believe that, many years before, he fell in love with cue making for the same reason. It is rare to find someone so passionate about their art that it causes the person to extend beyond who they are.

I think it is in design that Brandon is most happy. He will lay in bed sometimes working on drawing up a new design, messing with it until it is just right. It is the ultimate exercise in perseverance and patience. He basks in the excitement of seeing a design reach completion.

Sometimes, with the enthusiasm of a kid who has lost their first tooth or learned to ride a bike without training wheels, Brandon will pull me into the shop to show me what he’s made.

It is in cue making that Brandon is the ultimate perfectionist. It was shortly after we were married that we were sitting around a campfire — Brandon and Dave had taken cues that hadn’t made the cut and were using them to stir the fire. When in the shop, it astounds me what little imperfection will cause a cue to fail to meet their high standards.

Cue making certainly taught Brandon and Dave both the importance of sacrifice. For many years, they both put in long hours at the shop before heading out on the road. But it was in working diligently when others would have gone home or out to a ballgame that they have become successful.

I have often heard the words, “you’ve got to make hay when the sun is shining.” After missing a cousin’s wedding, she noted that Brandon may have missed his own wedding if a tournament would have come up.

At the beginning of the business, t