Jacoby Edge Hybrid. Garret Troop {Review}

I have to say that every shaft has it’s own personality. And with that being said, you must find the right shaft to match the personality you have on the table.

The more and more I learn about the properties of low deflection the more I see how much companies put into their work into making Super shafts.

I have looked into the work and spoken with the Jacoby team and I have to say that this shaft is epic! The look and feel of this light weight low deflection shaft compares to no other.

What I have learned about low deflection is that when cutting the raw wood into splices you look for as little of the wood grain as possible. What Jacoby has done is take it to the next level by using a totally different take on things and used 64 individually laminated “V” or pie shaped pieces of hard rock maple to create a shaft that is and remains consistent from stroke one to year five.

But it’s not just that.

Jacoby stands behind their work 100%. I was at the BCA trade show in Vegas and had Xavier Aune come up and ask me about the hit of the shaft and said it was off a bit but couldn’t put a finger on why.

I took him to Dave jacoby and he simply took one off the shelf and handed it to him with a smile and said I hope this works for you. I was very impressed with that and it makes me happy to work with them in any capacity.

To the hybrid shaft — when I go to play for fun, Tournaments or to train to become the best I can be, the Jacoby is the first shaft that I grab.

The shaft retails for $260 and it’s a great investment for any and all serious pool players that want to improve their game and have a consistent feel from day one.

A great friend of mine, John Campa, used to use the analogy that you can have a large case filled with cues and shafts for every different case and scenario on the pool table. But you have the guy that has his cue and shaft and learns how that shaft will react in every situation; how it bends, flexes, deflects, draws and follows across the cloth, you are more apt to be successful with it as opposed to grabbing whatever is shiniest from the store.

I love my Jacoby Edge Hybrid shaft and have nothing negative to say about it.

Via Jacoby, “A feather light ferrule and vibration-dampening core greatly reduce unwanted weight in the front end. This drastically reduces unwanted shaft deflection.

Our ferrules are comprised of rigid polyurethane that is very light and provides great impact resistance. They are machined with a unique hole pattern to further reduce weight and insure maximum tip adhesion.”