Jam Up

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Jam Up -

By The Tallahassee Squirrel

(Words Of Wisdom From A 'Motherpucking' Hustler)

I played "Jam Up" as they say, pool players that know the game at least. Yeah man, I can bank em in, combo them, run out, make all the shots, put that "rock" wherever I want it -- gliding on a string, make the balls sing! Break like Babe Ruth knocked them out of the park!

And then I get lucky too when I'm on. Why? More opportunities to get lucky when you aren't missing much of anything, making the game look as easy as breathing air, a walk in the razzmatazz, razzle-dazzle park.

Boom! Pow! Now you can call me 'Batman;' dead bang in the back of the pocket like a light socket with the LED's in place, shining throughout the pool hall. -- ( </