Johnny Archer: The Scorpion, The Man. ~ Suzanne Smith

In American billiards, Johnny Archer is a living legend.

With a multitude of accomplishments in nearly all disciplines of the game, there is very little that I can add to the story of his legend. That is the reason I accepted this assignment: not only would I have to listen to my heart, but I would also have to find a story that defines Johnny Archer, not as the Scorpion, but as the man who is making his way through this life, as we all do. I hope you enjoy the read as much as I enjoyed the interview.

Johnny Archer was born to George Archer and Mary Lee Hester November 12, 1968, in Waycross, Georgia. One of five children, Johnny had two brothers and two sisters. His father was a hard- working man, an auto mechanic. He didn’t recall what his mother did for a living. Their lives changed forever, when at the age of

At 6 years old, Johnny’s mother passed away from breast cancer.

As a youth growing up in the south, there were many opportunities for Johnny to get into trouble, but Johnny had a different idea and began playing pool at 12 years old. He is grateful for his mentor Chester Flynt. Johnny told me that Chester, “kept me out of trouble, kept my nose forward.” When not playing, Johnny watched the older players, whom he idolized: Buddy Hall, Nick Varner, and Mike Sigel were mentioned.