Junior Trick Shot Extraordinaire. ~ Missy Moran Capestrain

It was after seeing 14 year old Matthew Webber execute a trick shot and comment “Haha, I barely scraped it,” that I knew I had to interview this young man.

As I continued to peruse his Facebook page, I saw several quite entertaining snippets. One where his mother, Gizelle, recommended that maybe he should not use his dad’s crystal glasses during his trick shots. Another where he commented that he had just invented a “very, very, very, very difficult” trick shot. I thought, “This young man knows his stuff!

So began my correspondence to secure the interview with Matthew Webber, youngest player ever to be sponsored by the Wisconsin Artistic Pool Players Association, (WAPPA) which is an affiliate of the highly respected Jacoby Cues. In sponsoring Matthew, WAPPA will pay his entry fees into trick shot competitions, most of which do not have an age limit for entry. Seemingly, through this fabulous sponsorship, Matthew’s future in trick shot artistry competitions will be secure—or at least secure for the near future.

Matthew’s Father, Jesse, taught him to play eight and nine ball. At one point along the way, Jesse shared a trick shot video to his son’s Facebook page. So began Matthew’s interest in and love of trick shots.

Having never had any formal instruction, Matthew has learned 200 trick shots on his own. He has never met any famous players, but has talked and is friends with some via Facebook—one being Florian Kohler. Others he’s gotten pointers or compliments from include Steve Markle and Andy Segal.

In addition—and this is pretty spectacular—Matthew was invited to China for an exhibition. Unfortunately, he cannot attend. Remember, he is only 14 years old. Though unable to attend, the invite itself is a tremendous honor.

Matthew plays nine ball occasionally, but does not compete in leagues or t