Keep a Life Raft to Save You from a Pool Playing Funk. ~ Max Eberle

When competing in a pool or billiards match, a “funk” or “coma” is when you just can’t seem to do anything right.

Maybe you run several balls, but rack after rack keep messing up somehow. Either you get out of line or you miss a shot you normally make. And this “funk” seems to go on game after game after game. It feels downright awful, and maybe you find yourself experiencing this often in competition.

In practice you play great and then in the tournament the pressure seems to get to you just enough to where you don’t perform on the pool table like you know you can and as you feel that you should.

What I suggest is that you have a way—or ways—to get out of such a funk. An emergency game plan, so to speak, for playing run out pool in the face of just playing not run out pool. Let’s just say that what you are doing at the moment is not working. Sure, if you keep at it you’ll probably snap out of your funk pretty soon and start running out. But in a pool match, let me tell you, you really don’t have time for that and cannot afford to keep handing games over to your opponent.

The secret I’ll give you today is to resort to a backup aiming system.

This will refocus your mind and clear the doubt that occupies it at the moment, the awful cancer that prevents you from playing your game. You need “antioxidants” of the brain to start your winning process.

Keep in mind that I have used this successfully in countless matches where I was just not performing well, I turned around my play, started running out and often won the match that I had buried myself in. Too often I’ll see player with the body language of resignation to their “fate” of once again playing bad and dogging it—that’s garbage!

Not you my friend, of course. Never let yourself give in to accepting a piss poor performance and projecting into your future.

What you need is confidence and to play well from here on out. So, if you are using say, the ghost ball aiming system but it just is not working, what you do is switch to “find the contact point and hit the contact point” and now you will start to consistently make balls, get a rack under your belt and start creating some momentum in your match.

Or maybe even if you are just practicing but having a bad day, change something up and find what does work right now. Generate accuracy, create confidence, control the rock.

Yeah baby! You can do it!

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