Keeping Your Composure. ~ Max Eberle

Webster’s Dictionary Defines composure as “calmness; self-possession.”

(Webster’s New World Dictionary, 2nd Ed., Simon & Shuster, 1979, p. 101)

  1. Composure is remaining Calm and focused enough to perform up to your capabilities.

  2. Composure is consistently responding to stressful situations with empowering thoughts, feelings and actions.

  3. Composure is letting go of past mistakes and breathing out anxieties about the future.

  4. Composure is laughing in the face of seemingly gargantuan pressure and concentrating on the task at hand

Why would you want to have composure?

Maybe you want to make great comebacks; or just play your game against a top player; or be a champion; or impress a potential significant other (show off). Whatever your reason, composure is a good place to start when you are striving for positive results.

It is similar to approaching life from a well-balanced center. If you do your best to keep balanced, you will have a better chance at staying afloat if something rocks your boat. Gaining composure could mean changing the way you think about certain aspects of the game. I am sure you know a few players who go berserk every time their opponent gets a good roll. The more bad rolls they get, the more they freak out and start announcing to the world that you are lucky. Meanwhile, they are stuck in the past with a dark storm cloud growing over their head.

Granted, there is too much luck in nine-ball, but until the rules are chang