Kicking Out: From The Drill Instructor. ~ Dominic Esposito {Part 2}

Last time I described the situation where your opponent has executed a safety, placing the cue ball behind a cluster and you have to kick out and make a good hit.

That same drill gives you the foundation to accurately learn to apply 1, 2, and 3 tips of English on the cue ball. That will come in handy every time I write you a lesson and suggest the amount of English needed. This time we will again focus on kicking, only this time shooting the length of the table to kick out and hit the object ball. Remember last time we applied one tip of English for one diamond, two tips for tow diamonds and three tips for three diamonds?

Now we’re shooting the full length of the table (twice the distance), so we apply half the English for each Diamond Point.

You’re going to love this.