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Lincoln and Tucker Weber New Names to Watch for in the Juniors!

Check out the interview with Emily Weber and her sons, Lincoln and Tucker Weber.

Lincoln is ten years old, and Tucker is 14 years old. These two young men have come to be the hot topic in the junior world. One thing that these two young men need is a Junior league in North Florida! Tyler Styer has taken a shine to these two dedicated youngsters, and it all began at the SVB Junior Championship! Tyler Styer still checks in on these two dedicated juniors!

Lincoln Weber photo by Taka Wu of Matchroom Multisport and Takaimages

Tucker Weber Photo provided by Emily Weber With the hours these two young men put in every day on the table they have at home, it only comes to reason that they will be a force to reckon with in the future with the proper guidance, training, and coaching! I look forward to seeing these two names becoming names to watch out for in competition and leagues opening up for them in North Florida! Emily and Steve Weber, their parents, are very supportive and encourage their boys to be soon-to-be pro players at the table! SPM has relayed the information of the BEF to Emily Weber, and if anyone else can help these two young men and their supportive parents, you can find them on their Facebook pages at: Lincoln Weber, 10 years old Tucker Weber, 14 years old Emily Weber Mom

Steve Weber Dad

Their weekends are filled with family playoffs with double elimination and the brackets! SPM looks forward to seeing the growth in these two young men's games and watching them in the future!

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