Little Big Dog. ~ Missy Moran Capestrain

Small town player, Shane Little, had a big idea — real big, in fact. It was to create an application for pool players wanting to find a game wherever in the United States they may be traveling.

Growing up in Chickamauga, GA, Shane began playing pool at a local grocery that housed a pool table. As a kid he played 8 and 9-Ball, but now prefers one pocket. His wife Tisha doesn’t play pool, but instead watches her husband play. Together they have four children between the ages of nine and 19, which includes one son and three daughters. Only one of their daughters plays pool. Shane says that she definitely has some talent, too. The home table is a nine foot Brunswick Centennial, and he shoots with a Schon LTD R8.

So begins Shane Little’s big story. One night, while traveling out of town, Shane wanted to find a game, a challenge match, but could not. He was disappointed, to say the least.

It was not long after that he put together a fascinating idea: to create a map-based app that pinpoints one’s destination, then searches up to a 100 mile radius, any zip code, city, or state to locate a place where or player with whom a challenge match could take place.

Being in the business of financing automobiles for folks, Shane’s big break was just around the corner. In financing, one meets many different people of many different professions. As fate would have it, Shane was on the brink of meeting somebody big — real big, in fact.

He met and financed for a software developer. Not just any software developer, but thee exact man who worked on facial recognition software for The World Cup in Brazil! Yes, you read that correctly. This was no small matter.

Big things were about to roll in for Shane Little.

To make an even bigger splash, if that is possible, this man, Lucus Darnell, has given speeches at the very prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He knows his stuff, and he knows it well.  Shane knew this quite possibly could turn into something