Logan Briggs ~ Jay Swisher

If you have never seen a Junior Player start his career, then you are missing out.Logan Briggs, a four foot, six year old, Northern Ohio NAPA League Junior player from Toledo, Ohio, will show you how dedication and focus,not physical appearance can make you a winner This 6 year old possesses not only ball making skills on the table, but the mindset to play the strategically defensive (Safeties) strategies that a veteran adult player would use.

Logan Briggs 3

Logan, who is mentored by his father Ryan (A Veteran Pool Player), possesses the heart of a lion with the sportsmanship any parent would be proud of. He has great supporting cast from his mother “Jackie” and brother “Lukas” (15 years old), who is a stellar junior player as well. Lukas plays the game as a hobby, where as, Logan has the total love for the game of pool. Lukas will also give his brother some pointers and tons of encouragement in any aspect of the game.

Logins smile, character, and play earned him the Most Valuable Character Award in his first session of playing.This recent winter session he took 2nd place in his second league ever and qualified for the 2016 NAPA National Juniors Tournament in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. Logan then participated in his first junior tournament, in his area, and captured 3rd place (missing the 8-Ball to make the finals).