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Magic Spot on the Wall: 3-Rail Kicking System. ~ Jacqueline Karol

Kicking System to Make the Pocket

When you have an object ball in the jaws and need to go three rails to pocket it (Diagram 1), use this kicking system. This is my favorite—one of the most reliable kicking systems and it is easy to execute.

First, calibrate this shot (Diagram 2).  Set this shot up and using high, “running” English (left in this case) and find where you need to hit on the first rail with your stroke so that you pocket the 8-ball.

Next, while you are standing behind the corner pocket that you shot from look past the place on the rail that you made contact with to pocket the 8-ball and find a spot about 8 feet away (Diagram 3).

Now put your cue ball in a different place on the table (Diagram 4) and aim at that spot that’s about 8-feet away using the same stroke, English and speed.  Like magic, you will pocket the 8-ball from almost anywhere on the table.

Jacqueline Karol

Photo: Satish Krishna-murthy/Flickr

Editor: Edith Lazenby

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