Making of the Dream

Updated: May 3, 2020

My Jacoby custom cue.

I have known Brandon and the Jacoby’s for a few years and have a tremendous amount of respect for him and his work. Family man and totally in love with the industry and all aspects of it. So I knew that this man could do anything. I had a working idea of what I kinda wanted with my next custom cue. I saw ideas and inspirations from all over and was developing a running idea. I had been seeing resin and burl pens and tables and pieces of art and thought about a cue. Now think about it. The wood that is basically useless to a cue maker has now a new life to it. Now the burl sections that I’m talking about are where the tree has a deformity on the trunk or root area. The woods that come off it are a lot of the time have cavities and concaves that make it hard to work with for a cue maker. The wood in the burl stage is exceptionally exquisite to wood workers.