Marty Carey Jump Cue. ~ Garret Troop {Review}

This specialty jump cue is made out of cored carbon fiber. The shaft is a conical taper down to a 9mm diameter; the tip is a G10 ferrule that flares out. The cue is six ounces and lifts the cue ball very well. The reason I say that it is a specialty jump cue is that the weight of the cue and overall construction of it is designed for very close jump shots.

It takes a little different stroke to get lift off the table, but once you learn that stroke it’s easy to apply it. The construction of the cue is really good and after using it when that shot has presented itself, I am always looking for the cue. You can make longer shots with the cue but it really takes some effort.

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1. The cue really is great for close shots where a heavier cue can’t get as much direct vertical lift.