Meet The SPM Team. ~ Garret Troop

We are all coming together under the Sneaky Pete Mafia umbrella. What follows is an introduction to the core team. We all have a role to play, and there are many things each of us does that are not listed here (an unbelievable amount goes on behind the scenes) but are still very important to the balancing of the wheel that’s been built over the past few years.

These are my spokes, and Sneaky Pete Mafia is the hub that we hope will become a driving force in the billiards world. No part is is greater than the whole — or any other part, for that matter. Every single member of this team has proven that they have both the talent and the desire to help SPM do great things.

I’ve picked each of my team members with an eye to build the strength of SPM’s core. This has been my dream for years now, and I think I’ve finally found the right group of people to make it work. They’ve become indispensable and, while they are all independent and creative thinkers, they are very good about working under my direction and honoring my vision for the company.

Jason McKee

jason mckee

Jason is our Web Master. He is in charge of implementing any and all changes and updates to the Sneaky Pete Mafia website. He is a newer member to the team (he joined us last year) but has proven himself in many ways as a dedicated contractor. He takes all the input and suggested changes to anything related to the website — passes it by me, if needed — and puts it into action.

Eli Ceballos