Michelle Jiang: Champion Pool Player ~ Roy Pastor

Michelle Jiang is a champion pool player and teenager. Her incredible work ethic, intelligent approach to practice, and the game have made her a rising star. Her talents were showcased recently at the 2017 BCAPL Platinum 9 and 8 ball Women’s National tournaments as well as the 2017 BEF Junior National 9 ball Tournament.

   In Both BCAPL National Women’s tournaments, Michelle competed against some of the best Women Players in the USA, including 8 time world Champion LoreeJon Hasson and industry phenom April Larson.  In the Platinum Women’s National 9 ball championship Michelle was able to get past everyone except LoreeJon, coming in second to LorreJon in that tournament.

   Michelle found her stride in the Platinum 8 ball Women’s Nationals.   She knocked both April and LoreeJon into the left side of the bracket.  In her match with world champion LoreeJon, Michelle came back from behind 1-3 to win the match 6-3.  April fought her way through the B side to face Michelle again in the finals.  Michelle won that match 6-3 and took home the National 8 ball Women’s Championship title undefeated.