Monk Approach to the Table~ by Tim “The Monk” Miller

When you play this game try to glide around the table in a nice smooth motion. Do not use any herky-jerky movements. Don’t act like you are not sure of your next move. Your steps should have purpose. You are moving to a part of the table where you will take decisive action. Move smoothly from shot to shot. You will feel the flow and with this feeling, negative thoughts will not be present.

PERSONAL NOTE. I was struggling with my stroke and I wrote this article. When I finished I got up and ran a hundred balls in Pile Rocks.

Your grip hand is 90 degrees on the cue, move it forward a few inches and hold your head above the cue, not down on the cue. Your feet should be about thirty degrees to the line of aim and the cue is under your left eye if you are right handed. Your head is slightly cocked. Your bridge hand is straight.

This system is called the Monk Approach to the Table. MATTT.