Mosconi Cup 2019 In Review ~ by Patrick Sampey

Mosconi Cup 2019 In Review

(King Woodward Rising)

Mosconi Cup 2019 In Review (King Woodward Rising)

The Mosconi Cup — the legendary 9 ball team event between team Europe, and team USA, much like the Ryder Cup of golf, highlights some of the best players in the world, and is an electric billiards atmosphere to say the least.

These past two years, 2018 & 2019, USA has won it 11-9 and 11-8. This is a testament to the tenacity of team USA to compete in the event again after over a decade of European dominance. The Mosconi Cup began in 1994 to highlight some of the best 9 ball players from Europe and the USA. So many worldwide legends of both snooker and pocket billiards have played in the event since its inception.

Some names returned from Europe that have represented their respective countries in the cup: Ralf Souquet, Darren Appleton, Niels Feijen, Steve Davis, Oliver Ortmann, Darren Appleton, Thorsten Hohmann, Albin Ouschan, Jayson Shaw, Tony Drago, Ronnie O’Sullivan, Allison Fisher, Joshua Filler, Eklent Kaçi, Alexander Kazakis, and Johan Ruijsink just to highlight a few; on the converse side, some players from the USA are as follows: Johnny Archer, Earl Strickland, Shane Van Boening, Rodney Morris, Corey Deuel, Dennis Hatch, Nick Varner, Mark Wilson, Mike Massey, John Schmidt, Billy Thorpe, Mike Davis, Jeanette Lee, Tyler Styer, Buddy Hall, and Johan Ruijsink.

Johan Ruijsink has played both sides of the field, representing both team Europe, and team USA in recent years — leading both teams to victorious outcomes — a true champion among champions, and top Mosconi Cup strategist. Ruijsink is the only non-playing captain to win the Mosconi Cup as a part of both the European and United States teams; his only loss came in 2017, as American captain to his European replacement, Marcus Chamat. Both Chamat and Ruijsink have participated as players in the Mosconi Cup as well.