My Cues — The Unabridged Description Of The Wood I Love, The Weapon Of Choice Of The Jedi Pool

The tournament didn’t have many players, but the 17 or so that did come out to Starcade Billiards last night for the weekly Thursday night 9 ball tournament came to play. I held my own and finished a respectable 4th or 5th — something like that, but I played well, except for one match on the winners side against Dave Proctor, Starcade manager and top notch pool player — rated practically pro level, at a 150 in the ranking — which is the top rank. I’m a 117 I believe; He beat me towards the top of the winners bracket 4-0.  I feel like I should be ranked better than that, but I’ve not played well in that particular event in a while; mental block.

So, it was good to go out and compete well, even though I slipped off a bit and dropped my game on one match; other than that, I played well the entire tournament I felt. Got a little unlucky, but that happens. The two people that beat me split the tournament I believe.

But back to the main focus of this article, which is to review my new cues I’ve been playing with, as supplied by my cue sponsor, Champion Sports. They have been gracious enough to send me an awesome playing cue — the Gemni, no wrap, inlay cue, with a quick release joint, and a low deflection shaft with the 10 piece laminate spliced wood called the EX-II, which makes it play much like a Predator shaft — and it plays perfect; if I miss a shot, I know it’s me and not the cue. Additionally, it plays as good as any thousand dollar cue I maintain, as I’ve played with a few that people have let me hit with. This cue is rock solid.

I’ve been playing with these cues for about the last 6 weeks, and have gone 5 wins and 1 losses in that time, so that’s a 83% win record, and I’ve finished out the session at a 9 win and 3 loss record, or 75% win record over the session.