NAPA — North American Poolshooters Association ~ by Patrick Sampey

NAPA — North American Poolshooters Association

I’ve been playing in the NAPA (North American Poolshooters Association) pool league, individual play, not team play, this last 15-week session. Overall I’m happy with this league, as I believe it has a more precise ranking system than the APA, and a better computer model, with difficult match-ups against players of varying skill levels. Here is the breakdown of the Ranking system: NAPA CLASSES: Grandmaster Class – Skill level of 110 and higher Master Class – Skill level of 90-109 Class A – Skill level of 70-89 Class B – Skill level of 50-69 Class C – Skill level of 30-49 Class D – Skill level of 10-29 Class E – Skill level of 9 and under