Nick Varner’s Hall Of Fame ~ Patrick Sampey

Nick Varner’s Hall Of Fame

It all started for Nick at the age of 5.  When his father took him to the pool room, Nick had to stand on an old, wooden Coca Cola crate in order to reach the table.  From that point on he has been enthralled with the game.  “Well, when I was 5 years old my dad bought a pool room, so he took me down to the pool room, and had me stand on one of those old wooden Coca Cola cases. I remember the first shot he set up for me. He set the cue ball close to the corner pocket, and said, ‘Aim at the middle diamond and the cue ball will go in the side pocket.’ and after a few tries, I made it, and I was fascinated.”  Fast forward, and Nick was introduced into competitive pool while attending college.

“When I went to college, they had a program — well, it’s still going on — it’s one of the oldest pool tournament