Nitro X Piku review By Garret Troop

The tip industry is a vast network of companies trying to come out with the next best thing. With that being said there are a few companies that really stand out, Kamui, Tiger, OutsVile. Just to name a couple on top. We all wanna find that special tip that lasts forever, has great elasticity and doesn't harden too much over time.

Piku tips is a relatively newer company that has arrived and gained a reputation in the industry and holds up to that. Their new break tip is a “Piku” infused tip that has a leather base. This Break tip was easy to install and is softer then Phenolic and harder then a SamSara and it feels very similar to that tip. It has the grip of a leather tip which is a leather base that is Piku infused. The hardness on the durometer was a 76. So it is a medium hard tip that He says grips like a soft with the speed of a hard. I saw that marketing at its finest covers all the bases needed.