NO AIM, NO GAME!~ by Anthony Beeler

As a Master Instructor, I work with numerous students each year. One of the most popular topics in pool of late has been the discussion of how professional players aim.

Many pros use the old ghost ball system, or aim through the aid of their memory from thousands of shots they have struck during their careers. However, the majority of professionals prefer to use some type of concrete aiming system.

Aiming systems range from the very simple to the complex (Center to Edge). Personally, I find that most students really don’t want to learn an aiming system that is overly complicated, and I also find that the simplest systems (like ghost ball) just aren’t all that effective.

I have found that the best aiming system for most players is one that is both simple and effective.The system that I use is both easy to learn and accurate.

I like to call this system, “Point and Aim.” This system is very similar to the one previously taught by Bert Kinister and Shane VanBoening. Parts of the technique I am referring to we repreviously referred to as “The Edge of the Shaft” system.

As you can see here, the first shot is straight in. For this shot you would use the center of your shaft through the center of the cue ball and draw an imaginary line into the base of the object ball. You can also use the center of your shaft to calculate slight variances up to around 14 degrees. Simply point the center of your cue into the point on the object ball that is on the line into the pocket.