North Central Ohio BCA Pool League. ~ Rosanna Ramirez

I cannot even begin to elaborate on how much playing pool has changed my life.

As a league operator in a small North Central Ohio area (Richland & Crawford Counties) I have had the opportunity to meet a lot of great people in the two years since I became an operator and the eight years since I started playing pool.

Playing this game has enabled me to meet people whom I never would have that have a love of the game as I do, and others who are in it just for the money.

For me, one of the best things that I have been blessed to do in this last year is to be involved in a junior league of sorts. I talked to one of the local players (Carl Davis), who runs one of our area tournaments to see if he would be interested in running a small Junior League over the summer. This way kids that dont participate in other sports would have something to do that they enjoy and could be involved in learning.

These are our future players.

I was never into the other sports growing up, but I could sit and watch games of pool for hours.