OB Chalk Review ~ Jaared Arosemena {Review}

When I found out that OB had finally come out with their new brand of chalk, I jumped at the chance to try it and review it.  In order to do my review objectively (as people who know me know that I love and prefer Kamui .98 and 1.21 chalk), I compared it to a series of other chalks excluding Kamui.  The other chalks I performed my tests with were…

Blue Diamond Chalk

Balabushka Chalk

Magic Chalk

Predator 1080 Chalk

Outsville “Blue Mako” Chalk

Master Chalk

Also, other equipment used in my testing were…

Cue:  Predator SP6GLW

Shaft: Predator “S-Tuned” Z3 and Lucasi “Q-Slim”

Tip: Kamui Black “Super Soft” and Cyborg “Quick”

Cue Ball: Aramith “Pro Cup” (Measle) and Cyclop “Red Dot”

Cloth: Simonis 860

Cushions: Championship Tournament “Super Speed”

Table: Vintage 1950’s “Victor 9”

Environment:  71 Degrees with 32% Humidity

The main test I did was for what chalk was intended for…Adherence and Grip.

When applying the OB Chalk, I noticed that it went on much smoother than “non-premium” chalks. It was also lighter in color (blue) than most others. It coated the tip easily and evenly. Using one tip of spin, I noticed that it adhered nicely to the tip and gripped the cue ball well, with very little chalk transference to the Pro-Cup and Red Dot cue balls. With using two tips of spin, I noticed that it didn’t adhere as long, naturally. This, obviously, was the same result for all chalks mentioned. After a series of spin shots, I noticed a small “glazing” effect that required reapplication. During this time, I was making notes as to exactly how many spin shots I could manage (using two tips of spin at medium speed) without having to re-chalk before miscue. After testing each chalk, I used my Gator Grip to scuff the tips so each chalk could have a freshly scuffed tip to adhere to. Here are my results, (in order).

Outsville “Blue Mako” – 11 Shots

Blue Diamond – 11 Shots

Predator 1080 – 10 Shots

Magic – 9 Shots

OB – 7 Shots

Balabushka – 6 Shots

Master – 4 Shots

Of course, there is always room for error as I’m a “human being”. The only true way to accurately perform this test is to have a robot perform it…with exact speeds…exact strokes…exact tip elasticity…etc.  However, to the best of my ability, I was as accurate as possible using two tips of medium speed spin.  I’m sure on a different day (different temperatures/humidity levels) results will vary.  


Outsville “Blue Mako” – B+

Blue Diamond – B+

Predator 1080 – B

OB – B

Magic – B-

Balabushka – C+

Master – C


OB Chalk is a very good basic chalk.  I gave OB an overall grade of “B” because I believe it’s lighter color will be a welcome improvement over other chalks for pool rooms that have Tournament Blue cloth.  However with that being said, it’s not “reinventing the wheel” by any means. It is, however, a good quality chalk. Well done, OB.


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