Ode To Billiards. ~ Patrick Sampey

The ocean of green felt that canvases most pool halls calls to me, and I feel like a musician when I play the game, holding a good piece of wood in my hand — the instrument we pool players use to perform our art with — the cue stick.

This is my Zen. This is where I go to find that inner peace and silence those voices inside my head. This is where I go to find my enlightenment.

Like dervish dancers we pool players sashay to the tune of a kaleidoscope of multi-colored balls clicking and clacking in pool halls around the world.

It’s an addiction, a habit, a great symphony of spheres colliding in the smoke-filled haze of light and dark that is the billiard room.

Why do we do it? You may as well ask someone why they breathe oxygen. It is life. It is our happy place.

Pool, for most of the extreme, over-the-top billiards aficionados like myself, is as important as working a good job, maintaining a good relationship, or anything worthwhile in this world. We not only want to play, we must. There is no such thing as not doing it. We will never quit.

It is an intricate, dynamic, and multi-faceted game that requires skill, will, determination, concentration, and often a grind-it-out attitude that would break most mere mortals.

Only the strong survive, and most have to be tough as nails to not give it up at some point.

This game will test you, challenge you, and you will either be stronger for it or give it up. I don’t give up. Not this game for sure. Love it too much.

This is for the full-throttle players, not just the