Patience in One Pocket. ~ Mark Finkelstein

One of the key skills in playing one pocket is the ability to wait.

Having the patience to wait long enough for your opponent to make a mistake is one of the hallmarks of a strong one pocket player. However, I’d like to put my opponent into positions that make it more likely that they will make an error.

Take a look at this situation. My opponent left me this with my pocket being the lower left corner pocket. I don’t have any shots, but the cue ball is off the rail. As much as possible, we want to leave our opponent on the rail. Before I show you how I would play this, let’s look at how we determine which shot we will take.

Mark Finklestein diagram 1

First we could use the black cue ball to hit the left side of the 11 and then carom into the 5 making it in our pocket.