Peri Break Cue

Break Jump PBH- BT3

So there are a lot of different break jump styles out there and they each have their own style. This cue i had the pleasure of testing out and played A LOT of games and broke and broke and broke. Peri cues is a China based cue company that is looking to get a strong foot into the USA market.

Peri cues have been called the Cadillac of the cue world. I’m finding that to be very true. These cues are kinda the best of both worlds. The break like a freaking sledge hammer on a walnut and are able to easily jump as close to a distance as about a chalk and a half with my stroke.

The tip is a Peri brand tip and not sure what it is but looks like a resin filled layered tip. I think that these tips are really incredible. I wish I could get my hands on a few. They are

REALLY incredible. The taper is a slow conical taper and the tip feels like a 12.75mm. It has a partial brass ferrule and you lose a little feel in the break but gain a little power.