Piku Tip Review By Garret Troop

I want to start off this review by saying that I bought this tip from Robbie and he did not pay for this review. There are so many tips out there and it feels that everyone has the best and hottest thing on the market. What I look for in playability and does it do what it claims to. I enjoy testing new things on the market and hold no bias towards any company. There are a lot of break tips out there and they all have their own attributes. Some prefer a much harder tip and go with something like a G10. Others lie a softer tip and steer more towards the Samsara feel. You get more control out of a softer tip but have less energy transfer. This new tech that is coming around is exciting and the results speak for themselves.

I found the tips to be grippy and help chalk incredibly easy. They feel more like a hard leather tip with the exception that the energy transfer feels more like a harder almost phenolic tip. I was able to draw and follow the cue ball with ease. Now there is no one magic tip that will make your breaking and jumping game game go through the roof. Both breaking and jumping have a lot of individual characteristics that a good break tip will help make better. The Piku tip kinda has the best of both worlds and really is slick to look at.

I've heard and seen pictures of these tips breaking but feel that the technology is new and there will only be improvements. I know that other tips on the market continue to make improvements to what they make until they come up with what they feel is the perfect balance.