Pool Community Loses A Saint-Gains An Angel ~ by Tina Hodge

Joseph “Tiny” Weber not only put Club Billiards (est 1946) on the map, but in a short time made quite an impact on the pool community all across the country. His genuine and sincere shining personality coupled with his keen eye for business turned a very quiet and discreet long- standing pool hall to a top-notch hot spot for players from everywhere.

If you never had the pleasure of meeting Tiny, I’m sorry you missed out. He was definitely in my top five of people I’ve ever met. As you can probably guess from his nickname, Tiny wasn’t tiny at all. Weighing in over 300 pounds and standing 6’7, he was most definitely a gentle giant.

During our first big tournament ever at CB, a bit of an altercation started brewing between a couple of guys standing out front. Usually, I have no problem playing bouncer, but on this night I was wearing a long denim pencil skirt, which gave me limited range to move my legs. I stuck my head inside the front door, trying to make eye contact with someone so they could go get Tiny. I didn’t think it was a good idea for anyone to hear, for fear the packed