Pool Etiquette 101- By: Emily Duddy

Updated: Feb 1

Pool Etiquette 101

Any activity where people are competing for money, ranking or pride should carry a certain etiquette with it and billiards is no exception. After playing this game my whole life I’ve seen a lot of annoying & disrespectful behavior; however, I believe most of it came from a lack of knowing that the action is not ideal. I would like to help teach people the basics of pool etiquette to make the pool world a more enjoyable environment for all. Here is Pool Etiquette 101, cheers!

Sit Down While Your Opponent Is at the Table

One of the most annoying & amatuer moves when playing pool, is someone who hovers over the table while you are shooting! Please make sure to give your opponent the respect they deserve & sit down, if you can not sit down move as far out of the space of the table as possible. Also try to stay out of the direct line of your opponent’s shot, if I find myself in their line of sight I either move immediately or stay as still as possible.

Place the Chalk with the Dirty Side UP or Take Your Own With You