Pool Tip of the Day. ~ Barbara Lee

Pool tip of the Day

Breaks not brakes!

Ha! Although I have posted the importance of the break here before, I thought I would highlight some simple break techniques for a few of our favorite games.

However, before we go into the individual games, let’s recap some overall basic points, no matter what game you are breaking for:

1. Accuracy:

You need to strike your intended ball in the break rack fully on to achieve the best results. If you do hit accurately, you will not have to use as much power. Anyone who has played golf has seen this in action. A really small person smashing the you–know-what out of the ball off the tee merely because he hit the ball squarely with correct timing “through” the ball.

2. Level cue!

Keep your cue as level as possible for the break.

3. Avoid the use of English or side spin if you will, on the cue ball usually.

However, many Pro’s and intermediate players will use “slight” left or right-hand English to avoid scratching.

4. Look: