PoolSchool: Stance “Comfort.” ~ Boris Vidakovic {Part 3}

*See Part 1 and Part 2


You have finally placed your legs beside the cue in a balanced position. It is the time to bend towards the cue and position yourself for a shot.

At this point we encounter some difficulties because you have to be in that “strange” position for some time.

In order to play pool efficiently for five to ten hours, your stance mustn’t get you tired. You have probably noticed, if you bend in both of your knees you will quickly feel pain and you will get tired faster. To avoid this some players spread both legs which is suitable for shorter players, but taller players stress their backs to much in that position and it is very uncomfortable for them. This is why taller players keep their back leg straight and front leg bent in knee.

Photo via Piroshki Photography

Photo via Piroshki Photography