PoolSchool: Stance. ~ Boris Vidakovic {Part 2}

See Part one here.

Stance part 2.

In this article we will cover more about stance and how it relates to your shooting technique.

In order to easily and constantly hit the object ball our stance should be stable—balanced. If we had four legs it would much easier. 😀

Under unfortunate circumstances, nature gave us only two legs and we must learn to stand beside the cue with stability. Maybe you noticed that with some beginners stance is in one point—they close their legs, bend their knees and crouch with the cue swing from side to side. That stance in one point is unstable and exhausting.

Also you must have seen a self-proclaimed star standing like a swordsman: back leg bent and front leg in line with the cue with the foot pointing in the direction of the cue.  That’s also a wrong stance because players swing from left to right. Or maybe you have seen some horseback stance with legs placed at the 90 degrees from the cue and the only thing that’s stopping you from falling flat on your face is the hand that makes the bridge.