PoolSchool: The Stroke. ~ Boris Vidakovic {Part 1}

The Stroke

After we have discussed three out of four basic fundamentals, we come to the most important thing of all, The Stroke!

If you have a good stance and know many bridges, that will never overcome your bad grip that leads to a poor stroke. But when you see and hear a sound of a good stroke you “forgive” many flaws and you know that you have a good player in front of you. What distinguish players is the stroke!

In order to understand the importance and real place of the stroke, we shall watch first the global picture including basics of a pre shot routine and than we shall make a thorough analysis of biomechanics and discuss three types of stroke.

According to European Pocket Billiard Association (under which my pool school is influenced), we have 11 steps of the pre shot routine from which seven are a must, but here we shall not talk so much about it. In this article we shall make it simpler and we divide everything into four phases with two critical points. If and when we learn and get the big picture of the most important elements of the pre shot routine and the fundamentals of the stroke, we can expand it to seven or 11 steps in deductive order.

Be aware that a good stroke is part of a natural rhythm and must come from the player’s natural “rhythm” in order to be pure and solid. But, regardless of the player’s rhythm, every type of stroke has its own biomechanical rhythm. In order not to mix these terms, we shall call biomechanical rhythm as “the timing.”

Be aware that you don’t try separate rhythm and timing—they are not cut by a knife! They are in harmony and they flow from phase to phase, through rhythm into timing, effortless and natural.